Louise Alsop

simoneLouise Alsop is London based designer who has come from her BA studying at the University of Westminster into the clutches of the renowned platform for emerging talent that is Fashion East. Her BA collection made quite the statement, using a colour palette of solely black and white which contained oversized prints, heavy layering and fiercely exaggerated easy to wear shapes. Celebrating her love for t-shirts they came in multiple sizes, fabrics and prints, appearing already lived in.

With refreshingly no heels in sight and the designer a self-proclaimed tomboy her work seems relevant for both girls and guys. The androgyny of Louise Alsopís work also comes with a dark humour revealing satanic nun imagery printed on garments and the designers initials in repeat almost singing LALALALA.

When designing for the label baring her own name Louise aims to create a balance between her love for minimalism and the grungy aesthetic she grew up with. This is clearly noticeable from the mix of clean cut modern fabrics and the rough washed out raw hems visible. Drawing inspiration from sub cultures, contemporary art and her very own modern day muses, these elements combined create a raw energy within the brand.

Press: press@louisealsop.com
Sales: info@louisealsop.com



    Spring/Summer 15

  • Autumn/Winter 14